Sunday, October 30, 2005

today i made pizza den bring to darling de hse wor
so naughty hehe.
*tickle tickle tickle*
my baby =)
hehe so happy darling enjoyed eating it

forget to post on something hehe
hehe. went to watch with darling orhh
so sweet nehh
darling so so so SWEET ! *smiles*
cooked dory fishie and japanese rice
darling eat until so cute orhh hehe

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Friday, October 28, 2005

been a long long long time since i last blogged
more than half a month huh ? ahlarmaks
hahas ytd so fun morning went to play pool, shopping
then at night got class gathering go eat steamboat wor !
so fun wor! hahas me, shellchi and xingdan really SIAO de lehh !!
hahas. kicking off our heels and run around bare-footed at marina bay mrt
(i mean, who cares la hahas. there de mrt nobody de mar LOLSS.)
really play until no image liao sia, i think the guys also see until blur diaos liao.
cos hv to wait one hr at the mrt station for the rest of the class
>.< earlier =",="">

den hahas so funny, randall there carrying all my shopping bags even my jacket >.<>


ooo. jianxiong's birthday celebration hahas. so funny, he very cute wor like shy shy lidat LOLSS.


hehe went shopping with serene so funny hahas den we went to eat wor

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hees. today go watch corpse bride with my baby =)
so sweet. huggyhuggy hehes.
hmm. although we jus met up for a while,
but im also really happy too hehes.
BBUUTT !!! DARLING LATE ORHH !!! horhor !!
aww. the gentleness of the kiss on my cheeks
im m e s m e r i z e d. felt so loved
falling in love with him.. all over again.

den go home le very bored orhh.
den.. *bulb lights up on top of fidel's head*
den the results .. TA DA !! bbahahas.

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fidel #o1

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fidel #o2

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fidel #o3 HAHAHAS. darling cropped off my cleavage hahahs. SO CCUUTTEEE !

today went to darling's hse so sweet lehh !
we went strolling ..
see other people hse's de doggie
hehe imagine next time we married ..
den i walking a siberian husky, den darling walking a chihwahwa.
AHLARMAKS!! HOW CAN !!!! >.< !!
hehe den went thru scripts with him ahlarmaks.
darling your chinese... i.. i.. GOT NTH TO SAY ARHH. FAINTS.
darling ssooo cheeky hehes. naughty wor !

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hhehe. last month, AARRHHMMM ~

sparco call me pancake today !
he say i hungry call me eat myself ! SSOO MMEEANN !!
omg. im having bad dreams again.
i woke up crying this morning, heart beating ever so quickly.
dreaming about someone,
i think commiting suicide or sth den blood was like, everywhere
all over the places puddles of blood, den i dun rmb le..

why am i having these weird dreams ? people chasing after me,
another guy trying to kiss me in my slp ? totally freakish.
jeline told me sometimes having nightmares are connected to stress.
stress. hais.

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I Love You